Professional Development During a Pandemic

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2020 has pushed all educators to the limit. It boggles the mind that any administrator would even think that this is the year for PD, but here are a few things to consider if you or your admin “have to” do professional development during a pandemic. Mental Health and PD Teachers and students should beRead more

How to Switch Grade Levels and Keep Your Sanity

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In my first year of teaching, I had exactly two days to prepare to teach 9th-12th grade math and literature after having student taught in 1st grade. Halfway through the school year, a teacher was let go and I had exactly 20 minutes (!!!) to prepare to teach her 6th/7th grade combo for the remainderRead more

How School Administrators Can Improve the Staff Development Experience

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Ask any teacher what they think about their regular staff development meetings and you’ll likely hear a course of groans.  It’s not that teachers are opposed to professional development.  In fact, most teachers would classify themselves as “life-long learners.”  But those weekly face-to-face staff meetings are dreaded by many and loathed by the rest.  WhyRead more