Guided Notes in High School Math: A How-To Guide

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Shouldn’t students already know how to take notes by the time they enter the high school math classroom? Isn’t providing students with guided notes giving them too much of a crutch to lean on? How do people even have time to make their own notes? These are questions that a lot of teachers consider whenRead more

Short Story Annotation and Plot Diagramming

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This was a really effective lesson I did with my 5/6 combo class to work on several skills: listening comprehension, annotating text, identifying plot elements, plot diagramming, and using technology (Google Drawing). It took about four class periods, and my kids learned a lot and had a great time. Step 1: Choose a short storyRead more

Note-Taking By Hand

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Learning how to take notes is an essential academic skill, yet is often falls by the wayside as teachers struggle to cover a large amount of content in their subject areas. Who Should Teach Note-Taking? It is unclear who should teach note-taking skills – is it the responsibility of English teachers, or does it fallRead more