Copywork for the Modern Classroom

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What the Heck is Copywork? Copywork is a practice that is common in the homeschooling community, but seldom makes an appearance in today’s “modern” classrooms.  It is exactly what it sounds like – students “copying” the writing of other people with the primary goal of improving the student’s handwriting.  Each day, or a few days eachRead more

7 Reasons You Need to Teach Cursive

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With the rise of technology and the multitude of standards that teachers are asked to cover, cursive writing has quickly fallen by the wayside.  Some of the high school students I’ve worked with type all of their work and have little or no experience with cursive writing.  While technically a legal “signature” may be printedRead more

Highlighted Handwriting Paper

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One of the biggest things that early writers struggle with is using the appropriate letter size.  All of a student’s letters start looking the same size, making the writing difficult to read.  Traditional primary paper includes dashed lines, but sometimes this isn’t enough to keep kids writing their letters neatly. What is it? Highlighted handwritingRead more