Hundreds Chart Shake-Out

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Hundreds Chart Shake-Out Here’s a quick and easy activity for your class, small groups, or individual math students. Use your pocket chart with individual hundreds cards (as you can see from the picture, I have had to re-create a few of mine over the years). In front of your students (they love this part), invert yourRead more

Tens and Ones Bean Sticks Activities

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Tens and Ones Bean Sticks Activities Small-group or whole-class activities with Base-10 materials are both meaningful and essential to understanding the place value system.  Here are some great activities you can do with your students in order from easiest to most difficult: What’s My Number? The teacher using the bean sticks to create a numberRead more

Tens and Ones With Bean Sticks

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Tens and Ones With Bean Sticks Anyone who teaches place value to little ones knows that creating hands-on learning experiences is absolutely essential.  Base-10 materials are often expensive or hard to come by (or both), but here is an easy and inexpensive way to make your own tens and ones. There are a lot of cuteRead more