Financial Literacy for Teens

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Most people would agree that money is an important topic to learn about. But who should be teaching teens financial literacy? Parents? Schools? What should be taught? And realistically, HOW does financial literacy fit in with the traditional high school curriculum? Who is equipped to teach financial literacy? In an ideal world, parents would teachRead more

SMART Goals for Kids

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The beginning of the school year, calendar year, or semester is a great time to teach your students about SMART goals. There’s a lot of correlation between growth mindset and SMART goals so I like to link the two together. Here is the way I work with my students on SMART goals. Step One: DiscussingRead more

Living on Minimum Wage – A Real World Project

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If you’re like us, you worry that your high school students, especially high school seniors, have NO idea what the real world has in store. A great project to do in a Life Skills, Advisory, or Financial Literacy/Consumer Education class is a “Can You Live on Minimum Wage?” project. ALL Kids Need to Know About LivingRead more