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Criss-Cross Applesauce – Is it Obsolete?

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In most primary classrooms, there are two main areas: a desk or table area for students to sit at while doing independent or center work, and a carpet or rug area for gathering. It is common practice for teachers to require students to sit “criss-cross applesauce” with their legs neatly folded and their hands toRead more

Home Visits for Teachers

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There are many reasons, benefits, and downfalls of home visits for teachers.  If you, your grade level, or your school is thinking about home-visits, here are a few things to consider: Why Should I Do Home Visits in the First Place? It helps to really get to know your students – nothing teaches you aboutRead more

Big and Little Buddies

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Last year I had 30 minutes per week to run a “Study Buddies” session with big and little buddies at my school.  Here’s how it went and a few tips/tricks if you are thinking about doing something similar in your school.The Set Up When I did this mini-class, the little buddies ranged in age fromRead more

Classroom Libraries – How to Build One for Cheap

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Having a killer classroom library sets the tone for your space and really gets your kids excited about reading, whether they are in Kindergarten or middle school.  A neglected or sparse library gives off the impression that books and reading don’t really matter and aren’t a top priority.  But books are expensive and building aRead more