10 Tips for Teaching Cursive to Young Children

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Cursive is often reserved for third grade (if at all), but younger children can benefit from learning cursive as well. Not only is learning cursive fun, but it’s a valuable skill as well. But how do you actually teach cursive to a young child (ages 5-7)? Here are 10 tips for teaching cursive to youngRead more

Planning Your Homeschool Year

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Is this the year you are going to get organized with homeschooling? Planning ahead can ensure a successful educational experience for your child (and a less stressful year for yourself!). Here are some tips for planning an effective homeschool year. Set Clear Goals What are your goals for your child/ren this year? Consider your child’sRead more

10 Fresh Ideas for Homeschooling This Year

A new school year is the perfect time to expose your children (and yourself!) to some new and fresh ideas. Here are 10 of our favorites: 1. Virtual Field Trips Nothing beats an in-person field trip, but since most of us don’t have the resources to jet set around the world, virtual field trips areRead more

Should I Keep Homeschooling?

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You did it. You survived one or more year(s) of homeschooling. Congratulations. But just because you’ve done it, should you continue to homeschool? Here are some things you may want to consider before making your decision. Do you still have reasons for homeschooling? Sometimes homeschooling is necessary or preferred because of a life event. HereRead more

Choosing Homeschool Curriculum

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Curriculum choices can be soooo overwhelming. There are a million options out there with more popping up every moment. So instead of focusing on any one particular curriculum, or even trying to give a summary of a few different options, let’s consider some of the broad categories of curriculum and  what you should consider whenRead more

Getting to Know Your Homeschool Learner

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No one knows your kid as well as you do. But when you make the decision to homeschool, you need to consider your child as a learner. This might mean taking a step back to really observe your child and get to know how they learn best. Here are some things to consider: What timeRead more

Ultimate Homeschool Supply List

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Prepping your homeschool area involves gathering supplies. Kids who are homeschooled need a lot of the same materials that kids who go to traditional, 4-wall schools, but there are some additions as well. Here are our recommendations for the ultimate homeschool supply list: Writing Utensils and Accessories Pencils Erasers Pencil sharpener (we love this one)Read more

Organizing Your Homeschool Life

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Organizing Your Homeschool Life If you are just starting out in homeschooling, or turning over a new leaf this school year, I recommend spending a good chunk of time organizing yourself, and coming up with a great organizational system to keep your homeschool running smoothly. Why Organize Your Homeschool Life? Why? Well, the number oneRead more

Distance Learning or Homeschool?

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There is a lot to keep in mind when deciding between keeping your kids in distance learning, or taking the leap and choosing to homeschool. For many people, these are two options that they never would have considered otherwise, but here we are. There is no one right choice, but here are some things toRead more

8 Tips for Homeschooling with Babies and Toddlers

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Teaching your own kids is a HUGE challenge, and one that many of you haven’t asked for. The biggest question I hear from homeschoolers is “How do I homeschool my kids when I have a baby or toddler who demands my attention?” Here are a few tips to help you keep your sanity. 1. RelyRead more