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BUMP – A Differentiated Math Game

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What is BUMP? Bump is a math game that kids absolutely love.  It is easy to teach and implement right away in your classroom.  Bump is the most popular math center in my classroom because it gets kids interacting with each other while practicing their math facts.  They have so much fun and receive TONSRead more

Big and Little Buddies

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Last year I had 30 minutes per week to run a “Study Buddies” session with big and little buddies at my school.  Here’s how it went and a few tips/tricks if you are thinking about doing something similar in your school.The Set Up When I did this mini-class, the little buddies ranged in age fromRead more

Should I Homeschool?

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Some people begin planning their child’s homeschool experience while the kid is in utero.  That’s great.  While it’s nice having a plan in place, homeschooling isn’t the life-plan for many modern parents.  If you are thinking about homeschooling and are on the fence, consider the following: What Are Your Reasons? There are many reasons forRead more

Classroom Libraries – How to Build One for Cheap

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Having a killer classroom library sets the tone for your space and really gets your kids excited about reading, whether they are in Kindergarten or middle school.  A neglected or sparse library gives off the impression that books and reading don’t really matter and aren’t a top priority.  But books are expensive and building aRead more

Getting to Know Your Students

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The beginning of the school year brings with it fresh faces and a chance to connect with an entirely new group of kiddos.  But how can teachers really get to know their students, and make it happen relatively quickly? Survey Their Parents First off, if you want to really get to know your students, talkRead more

Why Are We Doing This Anyway?

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Our “day job” is great – we are educational consultants who work with K-12 kids and their families in a personalized learning setting.  We get to coach others who are interested in finding ways to help all kids learn – using both “in” and “out-of-the-box” strategies and resources. With all of this experience, we finallyRead more