Getting to Know Secondary Students

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OMG, TMI Teachers learn A LOT about their students. We overhear conversations that we wish we could unhear. We see cringeworthy actions taking place in the halls. And we have interesting conversations with students who like to overshare. You may think that it is completely unnecessary in the secondary classroom to gather information about yourRead more

Secondary Classroom Procedures

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Ummmm, What?!! So, last year I switched schools and went about my classroom planning for the beginning of the year as I had always done. I went through the textbooks for my two preps and planned some fun activities for the first few weeks. I attended planning meetings with my team. My syllabus and behaviorRead more

The Only 3 Classroom Rules You’ll Ever Need

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One of the big pushes in the past decade has been the idea of classroom ownership and having students create their own classroom rules. While I love the idea in theory, I’ve often been put in the position of having to teach a brand-new group of students for a very limited number of sessions. InRead more